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Student Exchange Application Procedure
Kwansei Gakuin University Institute of Business and Accounting (IBA)

IBA welcomes exchange students from its partner universities. Exchange students are allowed to take almost any International Management Course (IMC) classes with some exceptions. The IBA exchange program is a separate exchange program from Kwansei Gakuin University’s university to university exchange program, and students cannot join “Contemporary Japan Program”, a special program mainly for undergraduate exchange students. Instead, the IBA exchange program simply allows students to take regular business school classes (IMC classes) offered in English.

1. Eligibility

In order to attend Institute of Business and Accounting (IBA) as an exchange student, you must be enrolled at one of IBA's partner universities. You are not required to have Japanese language skills to apply for this exchange program.(Please note that you are not allowed to take Japanese language courses and Japan Studies Courses in this exchange program).

2. Application Deadline

The following deadlines apply to both full year and semester study abroad applications.
      Spring Semester 2019: November 14, 2018

Your official acceptance at KGU will be confirmed once you and your home university's international office receive your acceptance email. Emails will be sent out as follows.
      For Spring applicants: around the end of January

3. International Management Course (IMC)

In the IBA Exchange Program, students are to take regular IMC courses. Before beginning the application process, please ensure that both you and your coordinator thoroughly and carefully read the information given in the IMC website.

1) IMC brochure (PDF)
2) Courses and Programs offered in the International Management Course for students enrolled since AY 2018 (PDF)
3) Schedule for AY 2018 (PDF)
a. We will be uploading 2) AY2019 ver. around this November, and 3) AY2019 ver. around February next year.
b. There is a possibility that your selected courses on “Learning Agreement” at the time of application will be canceled in AY2019.
    We ask you to choose other courses in that case.
c. You cannot register the following courses under this agreement program.
    English Communication, Advanced English for Business Studies, Advanced English for Business Practice, Group Research Project, Individual Research, Courses with “★” mark in front of the course name on 2) .

4. Application Procedure

Step 1 : To be completed by students
Please submit the application documents explained below to your exchange coordinator.
Application documents (All documents are to be printed on A4 sized paper.)
(0) IBA Student Exchange Application Checklist (PDF)
(1) Student Exchange Application Form (PDF)
(2) Letter of Reason for Study(PDF)
You should answer the following two questions in your letter:
- Why did you choose to apply for a study abroad program at KGU? (300 words)
- What do you plan on doing after your study abroad program and what kind of impact will your time at KGU have on this plan? (300 words)
(3)Learning Agreement (PDF)
Fill in the course codes and titles you would like to take up.
(4) Certificate of Health (PDF)
Print out the "(5) Certificate of Health" form and have it filled out by your principal physician within 3 months prior to the date of application.

Ensure that in addition to the medical data, the principal physician also answers the final question, "In the view of this individual's history and the above findings, is it your observation that his or her health status is adequate for life in Japan". If they do not answer this question, we cannot accept the certificate.

Please note that in the case you will need to fill any medical prescriptions or receive medicine while in Japan, you will need to take a medical examination after arriving in the country. We strongly recommend you bring a letter of reference from your principal physician in your home country describing your symptoms and current treatment.

(5) 2019 Spring Intake Self-Report of Medical Conditions(PDF)
The information included in this document will be used when assigning your accommodation placement as well as serve as a quick reference should any medical emergencies arise while you are participating in the program.
(6) Certificate of Eligibility Application Form
Information you provide in these forms, (6-1)COE Application form(EXCEL) and (6-2)REMITTANCE AGREEMENT(WORD), will be used to submit an application for your COE to the Japan Immigration Bureau.
Please refer to the samples, (6-3) for (6-1) and (6-4) for (6-2) and type the forms.
You will then receive the document to apply for a student visa. Please be as accurate as possible when filling out this form.
(7) Official Grade Transcript from Home University
An official and original grade transcript from your current home university.
Photocopies will not be accepted.
Must have been issued within 3 months prior to the date of application.
(8) Student Enrollment Letter
A Student Enrollment Letter proving that you are currently enrolled at your home university.
Must have been issued within 3 months prior to the date of application.
(9) Photocopy of Passport
The photocopy should fill the following specifications
-Only the full ID pages of the passport are required.
-The photocopy must not be blurry.
-Any submissions turned in that are not photocopied will be rejected.
-The photocopy must be fully captured. Cut off photocopies will be rejected.
-Passports must be valid beyond the date of your return after the exchange program finishes.
If your passport is currently invalid or expiring during your exchange program, turn in a scan of the expired/current passport and apply for a new passport immediately.
(10) 4 Identical 3cm x 4 cm Photos
ID photographs must adhere to the following specifications:
-40 mm x 30 mm
-Color, clear, high resolution
-No hats, glasses, etc.
-Front-facing, showing shoulders and up
-Self-printed photos are not acceptable
-Name must be written in English on the back of each photo
Note:The photo must be different from the one used in your passport to avoid problems when issuing your visa.
(11) 2019 Spring Intake Accommodation Application(PDF)
This form will be used when matching you with the appropriate accommodation. Please do your best to be as accurate and truthful as possible.

Step 2 : To be completed by exchange coordinator
(1) Please write a nomination letter for all the students (this can be in the form of a single cover letter). Feel free to use the sample letter below.
(12)Nomination Letter (Sample)(PDF)
 (by the exchange coordinator)
The Nomination Letter should include:
(1) Student's name
(2) Student's date of birth
(3) Period of stay at KGU (one or two semesters)
(4) Starting semester / year at KGU (Fall or Spring / year)
(5) Level of study at the time the student starts studying at KGU.
(6) Expected graduation month and year.
*Please use university letter head.

(2) Please send the application documents and the nomination letter together to the Institute of Business and Accounting office at
    Institute of Business and Accounting
    Kwansei Gakuin University
    1-155 Uegahara Ichibancho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-8501, Japan
    Tel: +81-798-54-6572
    In case you cannot send the documents above by the deadline, you may send them by e-mail beforehand.
    e-mail :

5. Accommodation

You will be assigned a room in one of KGU’s dormitories.
Please visit the website below and submit the designated forms (11) above.
  ★Please refer to “KGU International Student Dormitories International Residence Ⅴ.”