Student Support

For Students and Applicants

Student Support

The administrative staff of the IBA are always available to assist students with immigration and residence procedures, accommodation, and any problems that may arise during their time at KGU through close coordination with University's Center for International Education and Cooperation and other sections within the University. In addition, selected IBA students are also available to enable international students to adapt smoothly to Japanese university life.

Center for International Education and Cooperation (CIEC)

The CIEC provides the following services for international students:
Procedures for renewal/changing of status of residence (visa)
Scholarships (tuition reduction, internal and external scholarships)
Counseling and advice on problems in daily life

University facilities and Services

University Library
This highly functional, easy-to-use library is designed for today’s needs. It has a collection of about 1.7 million volumes, 1,790 seats and 120 PCs.

Computing facilities
Many computer stations are available on campus. In addition, each building has wireless connectivity.

Training Center
The Training Center is equipped with various training machines ideal for increasing your physical strength.

Cafeteria & Coop
A wide assortment of books, stationery, daily sundry goods, music CDs, and other articles necessary for your campus life are available at KG coop. Japanese website is available)

Web Service

To check notification and make use of the KG Career Navi (Book an interview, search for job offers, and more), please login from KG Career Navi (in Japanese).
To make use of portal service "kwic" (apply or register for courses, check grades, class cancellations, make-up lectures, and syllabi) please login from kwic.