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Dean’s Message

Noriaki Yamaji

Developing Ethical Professionals

IBA requires students to take ethics courses to nurture individuals who are not only skilled in theory and practice but also act with high ethical standards that adhere to the university motto, ”Mastery for Service,”. The university is committed to developing students into highly skilled individuals who can serve society’s needs.

Education Based on Global Standards

The Business School provides an MBA education suited to an international environment, while the Accounting School offers educational content that conforms to International Education Standards (IES). The two schools foster businesspeople and accounting professionals who can be active on the international stage in the future.

Integration of Theory and Practice

IBA offers a diverse curriculum to meet the needs of society, enabling students to acquire the ability to think, analyse, and solve various business problems on their own from both theoretical and practical perspectives. In the doctoral program, we also promote both theoretical and practical applied research.

We hope you will enter our graduate programs and join the next generation of highly skilled professionals and researchers, offering your unique contributions to global society!

What IMC can provide you.

Yuji Maeda

Assistant Dean
Institute of Business and Accounting

The area of my research, “Corporate Risk Management,” has become more focused on risks with an enterprise-wide approach. For example, according to ISO (International Organization for Standardization), corporations should implement “Enterprise-wide Risk Management,” that is introduced with a holistic and integrated approach to risk management. CEO, managers, and their subordinates are puzzled on what to do because this is a brand-new approach for the corporation to follow while each corporation has its distinct business model, variety of products and many business units which are really complicated under the umbrella of a corporation. No standardized methods can be suggested by anyone.
Then, what should they do? Well, the answer should be like this, “Each corporation should make its own model with everyone involved after every risk is identified!” For that, I believe that human resources who can implement a new idea effectively and efficiently while leading the organizations, are really needed for such a corporation.
International Management Course (IMC) will educate young students to do challenge for such difficult business problems. IMC is designed to teach how to become a global business leader being capable of leveraging diversity and inclusion. We would like to have a person, such as you, who is thinking globally with unique experience. After two years of spending precious time with us, IMC graduates can solve critical issues and make a difference to the world.