About IMC


Professional Degree Program

1. Mission

Western countries have established business schools for developing business management personnel as an advanced occupation, and many business schools have also been created in Asia. Great expectations placed on Japanese-style business schools based in Japan , and with the globalization of Japanese firms and personnel, there is an increasing desire for a graduate program that conducts extensive research on business, both scientifically and objectively, and teaches on the basis of scholarly findings. To this end, the Business School’s mission is to blend Japanese-style management with advanced management expertise from a global perspective.

2. Objectives

The Corporate Strategy Management Course strives to develop people currently working in companies as advanced professionals who appropriately fit Japan’s globalized business environment primarily through night-time and weekend coursework, individual research, and other forms of practice. At the same time, the International Management Course strives to i mprove the ability to conduct business in English, in addition to providing business knowledge for those who require to work outside of Japan. Accordingly, the objectives of the “Corporate Strategy Management Course” and “International Management Course” are to provide business administration education to the international community and to increase the decision-making ability of students through case studies and group work.

3. Education and Research Objectives

Securing an education and research environment to effectively develop professionals with advanced expertise requires a combination of practice and theory. The experts trained in this school must be business people who can succeed globally, with a high degree of professional ethics. Therefore, we require classes on corporate ethics as part of developing students’ ability to leverage expert knowledge from an academic perspective, which forms a major pillar in this effort. More specifically, the objective of the Corporate Strategic Management Course is not only to understand theories based on one’s own work experiences but also to discover issues that are closely tied to one’s work and to increase the ability to resolve those issues. The objectives of the International Management Course are to acquire foreign language abilities and business knowledge required to succeed in global business and to nurture the ability to apply that knowledge. An additional objective is to accept fresh graduates as students and to provide them with practical education for employment.

4. The Ideal Student

Businesspeople possessing high professional ethics based on the school’s mission and who can work globally by meeting international standards

5. Diploma Policy

The Business School grants a Master of Business Administration degree to those that have acquired the following capabilities. First are students who can work globally with high professional ethics, embodying the spirit of the school motto, “Mastery for Service.” Next are those with the ability to leverage their professional knowledge from a scientific perspective. Additionally, in the case of the Corporate Strategic Management Course, finding issues related to one’s work and having the ability to resolve those issues is important. In the case of the International Management Course, having the ability to use English in global business is important.

6. Curriculum Policy

In the Business School, we strive to develop businesspeople that have diverse knowledge and the ability to appropriately analyze the increasingly global business activities. The school has two courses: the “Corporate Strategic Management Course” to provide advanced education for those working in corporations and public entities and the “International Management Course” that provides business administration education in English, primarily meant for university graduates and international students. This curriculum enables the step-by-step acquisition of knowledge and skills, starting with the basics, for global businesspeople including those working in non-profit organizations. Moreover, hybrid courses are available to allow students enrolled in both the courses to exchange and discuss ideas in English language. The following six programs (majors) are provided in the Corporate Strategic Management Course: a management program for generalists (those with knowledge and skills for general business), a technology management program, an entrepreneur program, a local government/healthcare/university management program, and a marketing and finance program for specialists (those with specialized knowledge and skills for specific management fields).  The International Management Course provides four programs (majors): international business , a marketing program, a finance program, and a global public management program. Taking into consideration the lack of real-world experience of students, we develop the decision-making abilities required on the frontlines of business through case studies and group work using specific themes and through internships and practical classes.  The curricula in each of the courses comprise core courses (courses that are the infrastructure for learning management) and basic courses (entrance courses for each program and which form the basis for all programs, primarily, courses for learning management fields and courses providing thinking tools for learning), as well as advanced courses for studying specialized content in each program.  Business ethics is a requirement in core classes for understanding “Mastery for Service,” which is the school’s motto. Additionally, Individual Research is where deep research is done on the theme of linking the real-world and theory—the culmination of learning over a two-year period.

7. Admission Policy

The objectives of the Business School are “to develop businesspeople that practice management scientifically and from a global perspective, who can work globally to comply with international standards, and who possess a high level of professional ethics based on the spirit on which Kwansei Gakuin was founded. ” The Corporate Strategic Management Course is particularly for working adults and develops management professionals by emphasizing on their real-world experiences in society. The course accepts those with a strong desire to theoretically explain business problems and issues through various real-world experiences, and the entrance exam comprehensively looks at basic academic ability and desire, in order to select candidates who are sympathetic and compatible with these objectives. The aim of the International Management Course is to develop businesspeople that can work internationally, and its admission exam comprehensively seeks out those with a basic knowledge of business, academic ability, and desire, so that those individuals can then go forth those and be successful on the international level. All classes are conducted in English; therefore, English language ability is particularly emphasized, and the ability to respond only in English in graduate-level classes is required. Comprehensive English language ability will be tested in the admissions exam (general guidelines TOEFL-iBT: 85 or more, PBT: 570 or more, TOEIC: 780 or more, and IELTS: 6.0 or more).