Katsuhiko Okada




Katsuhiko Okada

Ph.D. (Kobe University), MBA(Washington University John M Olin School of Business)

Ph.D. (Kobe University, Graduate School of Business), MBA (Washington University, John M Olin School of Business). Traded listed equity derivative products in Morgan Stanley New York, Tokyo as a proprietary trader, and managed the Equity Derivatives and Basket team in UBS Tokyo as a FVP. In 1996, co-founded Halberdier Capital Management, a hedge fund management firm in Singapore. Turned into academics in 2005, and founded Magne-Max Capital Management, AI based investment advisory company in 2011, and became CEO/CIO. Magne-Max received capital injection from Yahoo! Japan in 2015, and currently managing AI based domestic mutual fund. Research interest is in asset pricing and behavioral finance. Serves as a president of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance.

Main subject to be Taught : Special Topics in Finance


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